" Evolve from a headshot to a Hot Shot " ™...

evolve iˈvälv/ (verb):
1. develop from a simple to a more complex form. synonyms: develop, progress, advance;

hot shot (noun):
1. A person of impressive skill and daring, especially one who is highly successful and self-assured.

Evolution starts today.

Celebrity Photographer and New York’s go-to-girl for a one of a kind, photo-shoot experience, Amber De Vos is obsessed with the photography industry. Amber’s event work has been featured in countless media publications including People, Women’s Wear Daily, Vanity Fair and Vogue and she is a sought after expert on the New York social scene. For her portrait work, Amber uses her signature celebrity style and professional savoir faire to capture the true essence of those executives, entrepreneurs and IT Girls (and guys), who realize the value of investing in a comprehensive professional portrait session to get to the next level.


What past clients have to say about their experience working with Amber...

"My biggest obstacle was Time. I knew that to professionally have these images captured, I would need to dedicate the time to make it all happen, especially on a work day.

What I found as a result of investing in this professional experience is that the process is all about YOU. Amber wants to make sure that your best self is captured at that moment. The part I liked most was the Vision Board. It offered good insight into the look and feel of other celebrities and styles that would be most applicable to you. I also liked the preliminary questions that were asked on the document so even just a few key words that would describe one self, came alive and real during the photo shoot.

The top 3 benefits to come out of my investment will be: More traction to my LinkedIn page. Images that I can hold onto for years to come. Images that can be used for such things like applications and resumes. I would absolutely recommend working with Amber to friends and colleagues because everything was done professionally, and with ones best interest at heart.

I really enjoyed my experience. It far exceeded anything I was thinking and assumed from a traditional photo shoot. The studio was great to be in, and offered great vibes to set the tone of the shoot that was about to take place. The music was a nice touch!" 


Jeremy Cohen | LDI Color Toolbox | Account Manager


"Amber has consistently proven why style + image = success.  Amber's ability to pre-visualize her portraits and images set her apart from the pack. She has a great energy and will not rest until that successful image is achieved. With images like these you will have media editors (print and online) hounding you for submissions because they know your supporting images will please their audience.  I have already booked our next session!" 


Jason Rulnick | New York | Fine Art Dealer and Advisor



"Amber De Vos has a unique blend of professionalism, vision, creativity, and ambition. She is a pleasure to work with, and her Gramercy Studio will make anyone feel at ease. A professional headshot that captures the essence of what you do is an essential. Amber worked with me to make sure that we had a multitude of looks, and listened to me to not only convey what I wanted, but exceeded any expectation I had. I am incredibly pleased with my headshots and recommend her to anyone."


Dr. Baiata



"I was looking for an image that I could use for my online presence that was the right combination of personal and professional. I didn't want a candid snapshot, but I didn't want a stuffy, overly posed corporate-type photo either. Amber successfully accomplished this for me in a fun,  comfortable, and efficient environment. The only hard part was choosing the image to use from all the good choices presented to me! Amber did help me select the right picture, and now I have plenty of other great ones on reserve for the future. I would highly recommend the A. De Vos experience to anyone interested in supreme professional photography." 


Michael Meltzer | Portfolio Manager | Tocqueville Asset Management