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Amber De Vos
A. De Vos Studio, NYC
June 18, 2014
Photo by Ali Smith

Portrait by the very talented Ali Smith

Amber De Vos grew up in the mountains of the beautiful Lake Tahoe. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in her home state at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Cultural Anthropology, dual minoring in Photography and Italian Studies. This education gave her an opportunity to study and live in Turin, Italy, as well as tour other parts of Europe for over 18 months.

While abroad, she combined her 3 main interests and began to earnestly study other people and cultures. It was through the lens of a vintage Nikon F 35mm SLR camera, a gift from her grandfather, George A. De Vos, her passion for ‘Visual Anthropology’ was born. She relocated to New York City shortly after graduating in 2004 to pursue the craft, initially as an intern at the prestigious documentary and photojournalism collaborative, Magnum Photos.

Even as a child she poured over photo books, those of Immogen Cunningham and Dorothea Lange in particular. However it was the masterful images of great Magnum photographers that truly inspired her to become a Photographer, not only for the art and documentation, but also to use it as a powerful vehicle of self-expression for herself and others.

After the internship, Amber followed the path of the aspiring photographer: working in photo studios, schlepping gear in equipment rental houses, assisting other photographers and she once tried her hand in the world of ‘fashion.’ However, it wasn’t until 2008, she got her first big break when she was introduced to the ubiquitous celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan, who gave her a strong start at his famous PMC agency covering the glamorous New York social scene and its famous, fabulous and fashionable people.

The real turning point in her career came not from being behind the camera, but in front of it. Her second passion was acting, so Amber worked with a lot of her colleagues to build a working headshot portfolio.

The experience was pretty much the same across the board: an appointment was booked, a fee paid, and little to no discussion about the shoot until the day of. So, when showing up under-prepared and over-stressed, she posed awkwardly for the lens and walked away with a disk of unfinished images. Though some of them were lovely and ‘useable’, she was never completely satisfied with the experience and rarely felt confident in front of the camera or about the images.

She experienced first-hand how awful and frustrating a bad photo shoot can be when what she really wanted was “the ultimate client experience:” to feel like a star before she became one and to become one after everyone saw the photos!

So, in 2011, based on what was missing from her own on-camera adventures, she set out to build a photography studio whose mission is to create happiness and confidence and deliver images that people love, and thus A. De Vos Photo, Inc. was born.

With her strong background of working in the world of fashion and celebrity and assistance of the photo industry's best practitioners, Amber has created a photography company that literally focuses on what’s most important to its clients first.

A. De Vos Photo, Inc. is committed to providing excellent service and reliable, result-driven products all the while creating fun and memorable experiences for everyone. We love to help you attract the right attention, make more money, and feel great doing it!


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