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Professional vs. Amateur

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In this day and age of digital, it’s easy to be fooled by quick access, low prices, expensive-looking equipment, fancy filters or big talk when deciding whom to hire. Or, perhaps, the preference is to dismiss investing in a professional all together and trying to do it yourself! While this all might “get the job done” it is not always the best decision when it comes to capturing your life’s special moments.

More than just “getting the picture”, it is about creating unique images that come together to tell your unique story, so, no matter the technology or ease-of-use, there is just no replacing a trained, talented and trusted craftsmen as the best person for the job.

The right Professional Photographer can create the poetic art that will make the outcome of your session enjoyable and eternal. S/he will capture the emotion and inner-beauty of moments that an untrained eye would miss. Pros know how to choose the setting, design the lighting, focus on the best angles, include the right props, make appropriate color choices and suggest the most flattering hair, make-up and clothes to make you and your loved ones look their best. For now and forever. …

5 Things to look for when you’re in the market:

1. Experience. True pros will have a lot of miles on their cameras and a lot of happy clients to tell about it. The more experience someone has, the more you can rest assured that they will handle your assignment with confidence and produce your desired results. So, review their portfolios, read client testimonials and request a client list when possible.

2. Chemistry. If you feel good, then you’ll look good. Feeling comfortable with the person you’re trusting to capture your timeless moments is perhaps the most important criteria of all - remember, you and your loved ones will be working with this person often and for many years so consult with your prospects before making your final decision and if possible, meet face to face to gauge potential for building a life-long relationship

3. Service. It is absolutely reasonable to expect quality products and exceptional service, just like you would from any other business where you spend your hard-earned money. From your first call, to the photo session, image preview, product order and final delivery, the process should be a well thought out, positive experience. You should feel confident that your money is well-spent and that every job will be handled efficiently and to your satisfaction. Expect there to be paperwork, follow-up and satisfaction guarantees.

4. Quality. Your images are an investment of time and money and should represent you, your family and everything you stand for. Now and for future generations. No better way to do that than with breathtaking, well-crafted images; technique, style, talent, composition, lighting and focus are all results of a specialized education and should all come together effortlessly in professionally shot photographs. Imagine how their work will look on the walls of your home and that will help you decide.

5. Passion. The right pro for you should be someone who has made a successful career of dedicating their talent to creating consistently beautiful art for others to enjoy. It is their life’s work to capture your life’s joys skillfully. A hobbyist is a person for whom photography is merely “something to do” at their own convenience or at sporadic request and they cannot always guarantee their results. When consulting your prospects, be sure to ask WHY they do what they do - if the answer is “just for fun,” run!

Because capturing your life’s story professionally is a big decision but a wise investment, keep these 5 things in mind. These images will stay with you for the rest of your life and beyond, you should love them as well as the Professional Photographer who created them.


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