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8 Reasons Why Your Business Image Matters

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I meet a lot of people at New York networking events who are really interested in learning more about what I do, but who aren't always sold on the whole "why I have to have a professional photograph" thing. "Amber, I already have a decent personal picture, so why would I need a new professional one?" So, I always take a few minutes to ask them the following 8 key questions:

1. Are they just hiring your service or are prospects hiring you?

When it comes down to it, there are a million other caterers, real estate agents, and graphic designers in the business. What will really separate you from the competition is a memorable face and personality to go with the name and profession. A boutique photo studio can provide just that.

2. Do you think your picture ‘looks the part’?

Who fits the role better, a chef in a t-shirt on the beach with his dog, or a chef in her whites behind a counter with a meal laid out on top?

When it comes down to first impressions, the RIGHT images - the ones that clearly communicate who you are as a person AND professional - are a MUST to have on your site or profile. If its something you dug out of your personal archives just to prove that you’re a real person, it’s not good enough.

3. Does your picture make me ‘know, like and trust’ you?

According to Caitlin Friel, a salesforce.com recruiter, "The portrait acts like an ice breaker". Humans are hard-wired to make snap judgments about new individuals based on nothing more than what they see before them. In fact, the power of first impressions is so strong that looks can often override facts. Your portrait has much more power than you think it does, and a good professional photographer knows how to capture that vital first impression in an evocative image.

4. Does your picture make you stand out in a sea of competition?

When everyone pretty much looks the same on paper, a great portrait can help set you apart and really get the right people to notice you (especially in New York!). In this regard, having a professional photographer create a signature portrait for you is like getting a tailor-made suit for an important upcoming interview. Potential employers and clients will make their way to your website and LinkedIn long before they ever see you in person. If you don’t do your due diligence, you might not get the job.

5. Are you staying current with your marketing collateral?

If the “you” that shows up to meetings and engagements no longer looks like the “you” in your portraits (you’re older, your hair has changed, your personal style is different, etc.), this will absolutely not result in a positive first impression. In fact, when the same thing happens in online dating, you can be sure there won’t be a second date.

6. Ever heard of the term “fast food quality”?

Because a fast food look won’t get you gourmet leads. One thing I always stress to potential clients is that portrait photography isn’t just a one-time purchase. Your image is an investment. Just like a tailored suit or a certification class. When you look the part and exude confidence, you are presenting much more than just your good side.

Not to mention your customers want a return on their investment. If it doesn’t look like you invest in yourself, why should they?

7. Would you hang it up on your walls?

When you finally have that perfect photo, you should be proud enough to hang it up in the office AND at home for years to come. A quality portrait taken by a professional photographer is more than just a business investment, it’s a legacy that can be passed down to future generations.

8. Does your picture make you feel confident?

Last question: Do you cringe when people look at your photos, or do you feel like a respected and sought-after expert? This might be the most important question of all.... If you don't feel confident about your public persona, how can anyone else.....

At the end of the day, the secret sauce to a successful public image is having a expert portrait photographer bring out a person's inner charisma. Here at a boutique photo studio like A. De Vos Photo our commitment is that you always show you at your best. What separates us from the competition is that we know how to help you see yourself in way you've never seen before and then confidently share with the world. There really is no better investment!



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