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6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Booking a Session

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A. De Vos Photo, Inc. offers a variety of studio sessions to suit every clients needs, but what happens when you’re not sure of what your needs are!

Well, the first step is to participate in a breakthrough session (see previous week’s post). This is your chance to share with Amber what you’re up to and what your goals are. Based on what you share, she’ll be able to guide you to exactly the right kind of session for success.

But here are some helpful things to keep in mind when trying to decide...

1. Where do I want to use the photos? - this is the best place to start, because this will determine how much you’ll need in your portfolio and what kind of investment you’ll be making.

Magdalena Gomez
A. De Vos Photo Studio, NYC
May 08, 2014
Photo by Amber De Vos
Here is a list of the most common places my clients have put their images:

  • Social Media: your professional portrait on your LinkedIn profile, or Facebook business page and you want just one great image to spread across multiple platforms = simple session.
  • Website: Most websites have at least two different spots to add a great portrait, your landing page and your about page -
  • Your landing page image should really showcase you as a professional, an expert as the go-to person for whatever field you’re in.
  • Your about page portrait should be something more ‘personal’ relaxed, fun and approachable: “that’s someone I’d like to sit and have a coffee with”.
  • eCollateral: Blog posts, newsletters, testimonials on others’ websites, contributions to referral partners.
  • Print Collateral: resumes, business cards, about-me sheets, flyers you hand out at speaking engagements, postcards.
  • Publicity: if you’re out on the scene and want to heavily promote yourself to your audience through press releases, media kits and featured articles, even author photos for those of you who publish.
  • Advertising: This covers displays at trade shows or expos, billboards, paid advertisements in magazines and online, subway banners, product giveaways, and even TV spots.
  • Personal: gifts that you might want to give to family or loved ones.

2. How much variety do I want in my portfolio of images?

If you went through the list above and think that your social media and professional association profiles are the extent to which you need to use your photo, then you would want to do a simple two-hour, two-look session that will yield a lot of variety and options to work with. Magdalena Gomez
A. De Vos Photo Studio, NYC
May 08, 2014
Photo by Amber De Vos

But if you went through that list and said “I want to put a unique portrait on all of these things!” then, you’re going to want a lot of variety in your portfolio! You want to show your audience your many different sides (and you don’t want them to get bored looking at the same photo of you across multiple platforms).

So for that you’d probably want to do a four-hour, four look session that will yield a wide variety of outfit changes, lighting changes, and poses that will give you a lot to choose from for each outlet.

3. What kind of “feel” do I want my images to have?

This shows up in the energy you bring to the table, the lighting you and Amber choose and the background of your images.

For example, if you are a health coach who works outdoors with your clients, you would probably want to book a session that is outdoors so that it's immediately clear to your clients what you do and where you work.

If you’re a lawyer with a big, beautiful office, you may want to do your session on location, so that you’re in your element and clients get to see you in your natural setting and be impressed.

Or you might want to keep your background and lighting simple and clean, so coming into A. De Vos Studio is best course of action.

4. What’s my budget?

The best place to start with is to figure out your overall marketing budget for the year. How much do you allocate to promote yourself and your business?

Remember, having a great portfolio of images is a key element to take your marketing to the next level and help you to generate more revenue.

So, if you have a big budget, you’re going to want to produce a lot of collateral to support your efforts and a multiple hour/multiple look session will be right for you. But if you’re just starting out, or have a limited budget, a simple session and look will be a great place to jump in.

5. How much do I want to put in/get out of my session?

Corinna W.
George Brown Studio, NYC
June 02, 2013
Photo by Amber De Vos
As I’ve shared in previous blogs, there is an intensive process that leads up to your session that requires your full participation and commitment. It requires you to put in time and give serious thought to the results you’re looking to produce. If you decide that you want to go big and get the four-hour four look session, that means that you have to pull together your outfits and have them ready for when you come in.

Additionally, though models like Kate Moss make it look easy, being in front of the camera is an intense experience and calls for a lot of energy and presence. If you’re someone who likes the process and wants to participate, you’ll enjoy the long sessions. If you’re someone who likes to get in and get out while the getting is good, a shorter session will work better for you.

6. What kinds of sessions does A. De Vos Photo offer?

Perhaps the most important question of all. I’ve created very simple but comprehensive packages to accommodate most any need!

  • The most simple of our sessions is the 1x1x1 or the one-hour, one-look, one download package. One hour is the total time you’re in studio, including prep and proofing. One look is one outfit and lighting change. You’ll go through multiple poses (the way you place your body) and the minimum investment is one digital download to use. but of course, you’re welcome to buy as many downloads from your session as you like.

  • The second most simple, and popular session is the 2x2x2 - same formula as before, just doubled. 2 hours, 2 looks, 2 downloads.

  • Our most popular package is the 3x3x3 which gives clients a lot of time and variety to their portfolio. 3 hours, 3 looks, 3 downloads.

  • The most comprehensive package is the 4x4x4. This may seem like a lot but it is perfect for Entrepreneurs who have multiple ventures, streams of revenue and wide audiences. 4 hours, 4 looks, 4 downloads.

Corinna W.
George Brown Studio, NYC
June 02, 2013
Photo by Amber De Vos
Ask too about our Portrait Socials, which are a monthly event we hold for people who may not want to commit to a full session, but still want to update their portraits and have fun doing it.

You can book any of these sessions at our beautiful boutique studio in Gramercy, or outside on the streets in our neighborhood. Or, we’re happy to come to your office or place business too if you’d like to shoot on location and showcase your environment.

Additionally,  if you love many photos from your session, but don’t need to use all of the them to promote your business (you just want to have them to have them) we offer “personal collections” as well, so that you can order albums, gift prints and even wall art for your office!

Investing in new images for your business may be one of the best marketing decisions you will make all year. Its no easy feat to accomplish on your own, so schedule a Breakthrough Call today so we can help you figure it all out!



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