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How to Walk in High Heels

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Why this topic? Well, I think for every successful woman (and men who appreciate successful women) knowing how to walk well in heels is a must. It doesn't always come naturally thought - just recently, I was walking down the street in my usual summer footwear (Havaiana flip flops) behind a nicely dressed girl wearing high heels. When I first noticed her she was standing waiting for the light to turn. I wouldn't have thought much of it as nicely dressed women in high heels is pretty common to see in New York City, but when she started crossing the street, I couldn't take my eyes off of her!

Rather than walking elegantly as you would expect, she walked more like she was wearing galoshes, then high heels. Her gait was wide, choppy and it was almost comical watching her clomp her way down the street (as if there might be hidden cameras set up to capture peoples reactions).

The saddest part of it was, that that’s how I feel like I walk sometimes! I was raised to be a tomboy and I literally didn't own a proper pair of high heels until just a few years ago. While I've had friends try to teach me how to do it, I've never felt quite comfortable; and seeing this woman made me realize that it’s time I finally learned! With Fashion Week coming up (and a recent addition of new Louboutins to my shoe collection) I realized there was no better time to learn than now...

So I did some YouTube research and found some fun and informative videos that have been incredibly helpful for me and will hopefully be helpful for you too! I compiled my top 4 choices to show you how to walk, how to choose the right shoes, how to strengthen your ankles and how to strut your stuff once you've got your technique down.

This first video by FleurDeForce is my favorite. She shares technique as well as key tips for buying the right heels in the first place:


This video is fun, and for those who might be interested in learning how the “dancing girls” do it in their 6-inch stiletto platforms on stage:


For this clip, you’ll be introduced to the “Stiletto Whisperer” who offers classes in New York City on how to strengthen your legs and ankles to stay strong and stable:


Lastly, after you've watched all the above videos, practiced for years, and have miraculously become Beyonce's twin, this dance routine by Yanis Marshall will be easy for you to master:


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