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Come Camera Ready: Part 2

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A Great Hair Day!!Example of one of my favorite long hair cuts, color and blow outs from Anton Acero Salon in Coral Gables, Miami. I knew I would be photographed later that night and wanted to be ready!

The last thing you want to deal with on any given day, let alone a day in front of a camera, is a bad hair day. You know the days Im talking about, where your hair will just not sit down or cooperate in a way that makes you feel confident. In fact, it probably makes you more self conscious than ever.

Whatever your hair is doing will be amplified by the camera, so if your hair isnt in top shape, neither will your headshot. What you do want, however, is to feel completely yourself and confident in what your entire personahair includedis exuding both in your headshot and your day-to-day doings. In the first Come Camera Ready post, I discussed ways to keep your makeup and face primed for actionNow lets turn our attention to managing our mane to be camera ready.

Camera Ready Tip #1: You want to keep your image consistent. Stick with colors and a style that you like and can maintain. In your headshot, you want to give people a snapshot of you who are now. Dont do anything too crazy unless you know you want to stick with it until you update your look. If you change your hairstyle or color often, discuss options with your photographer so you can have a flexible look and headshot.

Camera Ready Tip #2: Refrain from coloring your own hair at home. Consult a professional if at all possible. You want a professional opinion as well as their experienced hands in getting your hair in the color and style you want. The store-bought formulas can be tricky to maneuver and get right, but if you have to go this route, we recommend

Camera Ready Tip #3: Have your hair cut and colored at least two weeks before your shoot. That way if the cut isnt quite right or the color doesnt settle well, you still have time to change it.  

Camera Ready Tip #4 (for the ladies): For the day of the photoshoot, you want your hair in its best natural style, and that usually means getting it blown out, or blow-dried in your chosen style. Going to a salon, like Dry Bar or Red Door Salon if located in New York, can help get your hair picture perfect without a lot of stress on your end.

If styling your own hair, here is a video from Celebrity Hair Stylist Michelle to nail your own blow drying job:

Or Carli Bybels works too:

Make sure to polish it off with a silicone-based flyaway taming product, a lightweight shine serum and a little hairspray to give it a good hold. Using a round brush can really help add the volume and body that a camera loves.

Camera Ready Tip #4 (for the gents): Get a barber cut and shave the day of your photoshoot, unless you want to be rocking the 5 oclock shadow look. For men who change between shaven and unshaven often, bring a razor with you to the shoot so you can maximize and leverage your time appropriately to take varied potential headshots.

Bring your own styling products and tools with you to your photoshoot just in case you need to do a change or a touch up.

If you have flat or thinning hair, this article may be super helpful for you as well:
How to Get Your Hair Camera Ready! Voluminous Tips for Flat or Thinning Hair.

For basic hair care, these are some great general tips to keep your hair in top shape: 20 Of The Best Hair Tips You'll Ever Read.



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