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What's a Clarity Call

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Feedback is such an important part of any business. Not only does it offer valuable information from a real person, but it can also help you to realize areas that are in need of improvement. I have found that having a process for collecting feedback testimonials has really helped to tailor my services to better meet the needs of my ideal clients.  

I recently received an unsolicited email with some feedback from a potential client following a FREE Clarity Call session with her. It was really cool to see what she expected vs. what she got.


Dear Amber,

It was so nice to speak with you yesterday for my free Clarity Call. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought this was going to be just another sales call to try and get me to buy your services. Of course I knew that was the ultimate goal, but what really appealed to me was the process that you took me through on how you go about getting the best image possible for those you photograph.  

I am in business myself and I know how important feedback can be. I wrote this ‘letter’ that I would love to share with your audience. If you wish, you have my permission to post it on your website or wherever you feel it would be most useful. People need to know how awesome and different your process is.

Thank you again for the Call. I’m excited to work together.


What's a Clarity Call..

I recently had a Clarity Call with Amber De Vos of A. De Vos Photo, Inc. and wanted to share my experience.

The Setup

I am an online business professional and was looking into hiring a professional photographer to have some kick ass photos taken to use as my profile photo as well as on my website pages. I mentioned this to a friend and she told me about  Amber. She shared that she went through one of Amber’s Clarity Calls, because she needed new headshots. She found Amber online and noticed she had a free Clarity Call so gave it a shot. Long story short, she couldn’t stop  gushing over how thorough Amber was in asking questions so that she could to take a photo that is representative of who she is personally and professionally.  

I listened, but I have to admit, I’m always a bit leary about these types of calls. You know, the kind where business owners promote “FREE CALL”, when you know that it is just a sales tactic to get you to purchase their services or products at the end of the call.  But, based on the glowing review from my friend about her experience and ultimately my need to find a photographer that could give me the photos I wanted, I booked my own Clarity Call.  


What I Expected

Just before my scheduled call time I prepared myself for the typical sales call. I was ready to answer the usual questions, like “ Have you had professional photos taken before?, “What kind of photos are you looking for?” “What’s your favorite color?” as well as a whole slew of questions that I knew to ask based on past experiences. For the record, I have yet to have professional photos taken that I have been happy with. I’ve never been comfortable having my picture taken and the thought of having to go through this process again was unnerving. I guess you can say that I went into the Clarity Call cynical of the whole process and determined not to be “sold”. I had done my due diligence by looking through Amber’s site prior to my call so I felt as though I knew what to expect.  


What I Got

I’ll get right to it. This call with NOTHING like I had expected.  Amber was very personable and relatable right from the beginning of the call. I’m sure she felt my postured undertones and it was clear she was working to alleviate any pre-conceived notions I had. What shocked and surprised me was that this call was all about ME.  he asked questions that one would wonder “why the hell would she need to know that just to take my picture?”. Well after listening her explain how the whole experience works when you work with her, it made sense. She gathers all of this information because she wants to make it personal to the person she is working with. To learn of the ‘homework’ that is required even before having the photos taken consists of creating a vision board, submitting examples of the types of poses, photos, hair, clothes, make-up that you like,  was amazing. I had never heard of, let alone worked with a photographer who did this before.  

Amber definitely had my attention. Not once, did she say “I” have you do this or “we will do that”. It was always about asking me what I wanted and what would make me feel comfortable. She would give recommendations in line with my vision, but never saying that I ‘must’ do something.  

When we got to the end of the call and I waited for the heavy sales pitch. It never came. Yes, Amber explained her pricing and packages, what the best value was and even that there is licensing that is required for the photos (Really? I thought licensing of photos was for celebrities and famous people. I suddenly felt like a big deal!) There was no push or “Act now and receive a free blender” type of sale. In fact, she even told me that if she wasn’t the right photographer for me, she hoped that whatever we uncovered during the call would be helpful when I did find the one who was and that she would be happy to give me some resource for finding other photographers. WHAT?!  


What You Need to Know

In case you haven’t already guessed, yes, I booked a photo session with Amber and I can’t wait to get started. In addition to taking the step to get great photos, I learned a lot from this experience. You can work with the best of the best in any field but if the entire process is about how great they are and doesn’t focus on the needs and wants of the client, you are never going to have a satisfactory result.

It also helped me realize just how vital a good portrait can be when it comes to having an online presence and really engaging your audience in a really easy, approachable way.

Amber went above and beyond what I expected with her free Clarity Call. She was professional and confident, yet very personable and relatable, which is so important. She wasn’t pushy and let her years of experience and unique way of creating the perfect setting for each client speak for itself.

I'm so glad to have gone through that step of the process first! I really do feel much more clear about my objectives, not just with my new portraits, but my general personal branding goals as a whole. I hope your audience finds this feedback helpful and I'm looking forward to my session!


     Shari H.


If you're already ready to sign up:

Celebrity Photographer and New York’s go-to-girl for a one of a kind, photo-shoot experience, Amber De Vos is a respected and committed member of the professional photography community. Amber’s event work has been featured in countless media publications including People, Women’s Wear Daily, Vanity Fair and Vogue and she is a sought after expert on the New York social scene. For her portrait work, Amber uses her signature celebrity style and professional savoir faire to capture the true essence of executives, entrepreneurs and IT Girls (and Guys) who realize the value of investing in a comprehensive professional portrait session to take them to the next level.



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