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NYCelf to NYFW: Enough Is Enough!

February 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

People who know me know I have opinions. (!!) They also know I’m not shy about voicing those opinions. Still, I was so excited to see all the enthusiastic and supportive responses to my Facebook rant about how the pix purveyors benefiting from New York Fashion Week content are offering the creators of that content, established photographers like myself, insulting fees and contracts for the very work that keeps them and NYFW more lucrative than the Super Bowl!


Okay maybe I could have reeled it in a bit and not added “Hire monkeys, give them cell phone cameras and pay them bananas!” But it was too late. After I said…

…the Likes and Replies started rolling it:

There are more photographers speaking up, and we have our organizations and associations. (Check out this revealing letter from the National Press Photographers Association: http://bit.ly/1HpZLrg.) The problem is, we can’t unionize or collective bargain, so the agencies and media outlets wield crippling power over us.

So right, Duffy-Marie. I mean, do you think anyone will read an article about fashion without stunning photos of glamorous women and men in dazzling duds? Please!

But I am an exception to the rule: most photographers are not business people used to negotiating deals and contracts. They focus on their art and craft, which is consuming and often exhausting. A case in point: the average professional crammed in the pits takes 70,000 pictures over the two annual Fashion Weeks! (More Fashion Week Fun Facts at the end of this article.)

You can check out the whole thread on my Facebook page (link below). I even had some nice things to say about Fashion Week, but who is interested in those?! And I had to give a shout out to two amazing clients who are dedicated to improving photographers’ lives:

Steve Eichner (the event photographer’s photographer) and wizard web coder Daniela Kirsch have created NameFace, which is going to transform our industry. Read more about them in my upcoming Newsletter.

As I write this, Steve (who I cannot believe chose me to photograph him!) had the final word on the subject:

Start a union? Hmmm. I’ll keep you posted.

To see the rest of #OutofFashion vs #NYFW here! The conversation just keeps growing...


Want to see what NYFW photographers look like geared up for battle? Take a look at these photos: bit.ly/1TfGxqR

And for an insider’s look at how much skill, persistence, and sheer New York chutzpah is required to do the job, check out this: bit.ly/1QkaxhP




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