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All About a Lady/All About a Man: Heartfelt Resources at Your Fingertips

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So many people think my work is all about professional business portraits. But you’d be surprised (or perhaps not) at how many clients come to me for help with ‘getting down to business’ on their personal portraits too.

I’m talking about online dating! Many people want to know how to create the most authentic (and not cheesy) images possible! And that is something I am happy to help with!

I know far too many people with great personalities and not enough great images to match. In a world where your first impression is everything, what’s it worth to make it count for everything?

But it’s not enough just to look good for your photo shoot - if you don’t maintain the attractive and appealing “You”  that showed up to the session, we haven’t fully done our job.

That’s why I’ve created two unique and ongoing “evolutionary blogs” I’m calling All About a Lady and All About a Man.

This way I can share some timely and helpful advice with clients and fans alike on how to really leverage your Executive (and Intimate) Presence in a number of different ways, from personal style to mindset. We’ve also made it convenient for you access the resources suggested therein in order to get started!

To kick this series off, I thought I’d get right to the “heart” of matters: Matters of the Heart:


All About a Lady V.1

Ever wonder why it seems so difficult to connect with your romantic partners? Or perhaps articulate your wants, needs or standards in an empowered way?

These two books I just recently finished offer both inspiring and edgy advice to successful women eager to be successful at Love, (but who may not have quite figured it all out yet). They have both had a profound impact on my communication with others.

Another resource I highly recommend is the YouTube channel of love guru Matthew Hussey, bestselling author of Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve and Cosmopolitan columnist. I have personally  invested in his coaching sessions and have found his understanding of human interaction and communication  to be phenomenal - especially for single ladies who know they’re fabulous but have trouble expressing it powerfully to the opposite sex (and sometimes to themselves).

Choose from over 300 free videos on every conceivable subject concerning dating and dealing with men. Here are a few of my favorites:

It doesn’t hurt, Ladies, that Matthew has the hunky look of a guy who just stepped out of the pages of GQ, Casual Edition. Oh, and that British accent - *sigh*


3 Successful dating profile photos for the Ladies

Ladies, your profile pic is the last chance to make a first impression, so do it right! Here’s three quick tips to polish it to the max.

  • Wear tasteful clothing - leave something to the imagination. Having great body confidence is always an advantage, but don’t give away the goods too soon! Let men know right off the bat that you’re a High Value Woman to be earned.
  • Ditch the duck face - it works against you, looks inauthentic, and like your trying too hard. If you insist on ‘plumping’ your lips ala Marilyn Monroe, the secret is to exhale through your lips ever so slightly so as to push them out, but not to a ridiculous degree. It takes some practice to get it right, but the difference is noticeable!
  • Capture the natural, genuine you - Share images of  you laughing, dancing or other moments where you are genuinely displaying your winning personality. That’s what people are really signing up for, so don’t be afraid to shine bright and bold!


All About a Man V.1

While the books recommended to the Ladies also have valuable information for the Men, sometimes you want someone talking right to you, fellas.

  • The 5 Love Languages for Men: Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great interprets the 5 Love Languages skills for the Men. Chapman uses guy-friendly language and examples to help Men give the women in their lives the thrill of breathtaking romance!
  • Naked!: How to Find the Perfect Partner by Revealing Your True Self is a fascinating journey by another multi-book dating expert, David Wygant. He coaches the Men on how to peel back the layers of their ego to release the powerfully magnetic attraction of an authentic man. This strikes a compelling chord with me, since authenticity is one of the hallmarks of my craft: to create a portrait that genuinely reflects the person people experience when they meet you in the flesh.

And we all know the Men love to click-to-play, so here’s their own YouTube expert, Kezia Noble. Known as the Celebrity Dating Coach for Men (also as the Bitch With a Heart, which she wears proudly!), Kezia’s channel is also packed, with almost 200 free videos. She offers tips on everything from how to flirt to how to read the signals that say “Go!” or “Stay!” to secrets revealed by Wing Girls, often spiced up by interviews with actual guys struggling to survive the dating jungle.

And as with Matthew Hussey, it doesn’t hurt that Kezia offers a lot of eye candy - also with a London accent! What is it about those Brits?!


3 Successful dating profile photos or the Men:

Men, how can I be tactful about this?? When choosing photos for your profile - KEEP YOUR AUDIENCE IN MIND. Women want a Prince, not a frog.

Pictures of  you petting a tiger are *interesting* but don’t really share much about You, which is what the Right Woman is interested in. This applies to many photos of you doing Sports - it’s nice to see you’re active, but doesn’t tell more more than that.

  • Take clear face shots - sunglasses, ski goggles, motorcycle helmets, masks, do not work in your favor. Because you’re hiding your face and it can come off as suspicious, especially if ALL of your photos are like that.....
  • Share more than one photo - women are curious to learn about your life, your values, your interests and your personality. Profile shots, body shots, suit shots are all helpful.
  • **Extra points if you have a photo of you cooking!**
  • Angles matter! - NO SELFIES FROM UNDERNEATH! Low angle shots are the Most. Unflattering. Ever. Not to mention lazy…. they imply that you either don’t care about your photo, are completely ambivalent to how you look, or, sadly, you have no friends to ask to help you! Your shots should be from straight on if not from slightly above. This technique will help to smooth out that neckline and show that strong, manly chin! Mirrors are okay to use (but beware of the background - for example, open toilets!).


For Ladies and Men

If you’re curious about how your current online dating profile photos are landing, sign up for a complimentary Clarity Call with me! I’d be happy to spend 15 minutes with you to uncover your goals and desires for your dating future. Until then, always stay in action! The perfect partner is out there looking for you, too!



Celebrity Photographer and New York’s go-to-girl for a one of a kind, photo-shoot experience, Amber De Vos is a respected and committed member of the professional photography community. Amber’s event work has been featured in countless media publications including People, Women’s Wear Daily, Vanity Fair and Vogue and she is a sought after expert on the New York social scene. For her portrait work, Amber uses her signature celebrity style and professional savoir faire to capture the true essence of executives, entrepreneurs and IT Girls (and Guys) who realize the value of investing in a comprehensive professional portrait session to take them to the next level.


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