A. De Vos Photo, Inc. | From Headshot to Hot Shot: The Accelerated Portrait Social
From Headshot to Hot Shot: The Accelerated Portrait Social
I'm really excited to be able to offer this experience! It was specifically created for those professionals who need a great new portrait but just don't have the time or perhaps the finances to invest in a one-on-one session.
Additionally, I added the "Social" element to the formula because I love the idea of filling the room with incredible professionals who get to know one another while getting to know about my process.
I really am committed to people learning more about how to leverage their executive presence, in every way, which is why I partnered with Larendee Roos of Roos Consulting who's incredible coaching systems can help people increase their profits up to 35%!
We are launching this client experience because we believe in brand evangelism. Not just for us, but for you too. We believe that if we can fill a room full of influential professionals who are as impressed by each other as by the results we are able to produce during this accelerated event, the word gets spread and our collective businesses will flourish.