A. De Vos Photo, Inc. | Our Mission



Our Mission


To capture images that portray the real you.

To create happiness and confidence.

We understand how incredibly important those two ingredients are to any venture in life - professional or personal. They’re the keys that open many doors and create infinite possibilities.

There is no easier access to those two things than a well-crafted photograph.

Whether it is a portrait or a historic moment perfectly captured at an event, we believe that everyone deserves to have great images in/of their lives.



Our Core Values



To create engaging and authentic images for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Companies, Event and Public Relations Firms and Foxy Individuals. 

To draw inspiration from the clients' own designs and ideas all while providing guidance through proven methodology.

To consistently produce results above and beyond your expectations.


Innovative Process

By providing our clients with a comprehensive experience from initial contact to final delivery, we can ensure the best possible articulation of their core values in visual form.

Our signature step-by-step process is designed to discover, educate, involve, prepare, perform, process, and deliver.

We embrace innovative solutions and employ time-proven photographic techniques all for the enhancement of the client’s goals.

Just like how a tailor must measure you in order to know your exact size, we too take ‘measurements’ in order to customized our studio and event experiences to your exact needs.


By inviting our clients to participate every step of the way, we are sure to achieve the most successful results:

  • For marketing, editorial or advertising purposes.

  • For evolving your career and taking it to next level.

  • For historical and private archival needs.

  • For feeling foxy.

  • For having fun.

We are determined to achieve the highest level of service by delivering a finished product that serves the client’s needs in diverse contexts and media forms.



We are committed that working with a professional photographer and being in front of the camera will be a fun and exciting experience, even for those who may dread it the most.