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6 key points to keep in mind as you decide to invest in professional photography for your business:


  • IF you’re one of those people who thinks that one picture of you is the same as another.
  • IF you don’t see the need to spend money on a professional photographer when a team member or friend could do the job for you.
  • Or, maybe you just hate having your picture taken and want to avoid the issue all together...


Know, that that way of thinking is hurting you and your business far more than you think.


First of all, give up the notion that it is an expense at all.


If you work with the right photographer who understands what you need, it will be one of the best investments of time and money you will ever make for your business.




1. It helps you create an immediate and authentic connection to your audience.


Simply put - people hire people they like.


So... how do people know if they like you before they’ve even met you?


Your images can make them feel like they already know and can trust you!


 2. It's a simple yet very effective marketing tool.


“A picture is worth a thousand words,” and maybe thousands of dollars too.


Of all the things we invest our money in, in order to successfully market our businesses, having great tailor-made portraits is one of the most valuable investment with the least effort.


When your images clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and matches the expectations your audience has for someone in your position to be, people are excited to learn more about you.


Bye-bye competition. Hello profits.


3. Looking Quality is essential to Being Quality.


If you disregard how important your images are to the outside world, what does that say about you and your company's values?


Poorly made (or all together absent photography) contradicts all your other marketing and branding efforts. It makes people consciously or unconsciously question your professionalism and competency.


One of the biggest losses of revenue come from when images don't communicate, explain, involve, or excite.


People who expect something more for their money will spend it elsewhere.


4. Your Photographer should be as Professional as you are.


While hiring a college student or the cheap guy you found on Craigslist might seem good enough, they are unlikely to care as much about their work as you do about yours, and that will really hurt you in the long run.

If you are someone who has


  • spent years building your business

  • studied everything you can learn about it

  • spent many sleepless nights thinking about it

  • invested thousands of dollars to grow and nurture it


Don’t you think your photographer should be the same?

It’s totally fair to expect your photographer to hold their products and services to the same standards of quality that you hold yourself.

They should understand business because they’ve built one and care about your success as much as they care about their own.


5. You get what you pay for.


Why hire that professional photographer who costs thousands of dollars when you have a buddy with a really nice camera who’s happy to do it for cheap/free?


Because a professional photographer who is wholly dedicated to their craft will :

  • know how to use their professional equipment confidently and creatively.
  • Understand that lights and shadows alone can evoke a particular emotional and psychological response from your audience.
  • Know how to pose you in ways that will both maximize your assets and minimize your flaws.
  • Understand marketing and who your target audience is and what matters to them.
  • Make you feel comfortable and confident, even excited to be in front of the camera.
  • Have a real photo studio full of equipment allowing for maximum versatility.
  • Will do the best job possible. If you look good, your photographer looks good.


If you are a serious professional with big goals, you (and your audience) deserve to have the best that you can afford.


6.  Hard Numbers.


Last but not least, let’s say you invest $2,000 in a portrait session that yields you two different looks and 3 downloadable images.


Those 3 images will be used on:

  • your website

  • your business card

  • your blog page

  • multiple social media platforms

  • your press release

  • and let’s say you print some out to send to mom and dad for the holidays.


If you have an audience of about 5,000 people they will come in contact with any one of these images on any one those platforms at least once over the year.


Per impression thats about $0.60 (3,000 divided by 5,000).

Use your images 2 years in a row, it goes down to $0.30.


If you’re able to convert just 5% of those 10,000 impressions, over the course of two years, into paying clients = thats 500 people.


Let’s say 1% of the people who hired you, did it based on your picture alone = that's 5.


Let’s be humble and say an average sale for you is $1200. So if you multiply 5 x $1200 = $6000!


Subtract your original $3,000 investment, that is a 100% increase!



Making it worth your money.


Any questions? Feel free to set up a Breakthrough Call to learn more!